HB Cable Design- Acrylic Power Distributor

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Stage III Concepts- The Kraken Power Cable


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HB Cable Design Acrylic

HB Cable Design Marble

Stage III Concepts
Kraken Power Cable


We have several passive devices under review here.

The HB Cable Design power distributors represent a new product category for high performance audio.

They are effectively power bars or "strips" made to extraordinary specifications.  They take the AC power coming from your wall outlet and distribute it to your electronic components.

As you can see from the review, they are effective in the reviewer's systems.

The Stage III Concepts Kraken power cable is a handmade design utilizing the ultimate in manufacturing techniques and components.

It is larger in diameter than garden hose and is beautiful in fit and finish.

It can add a new level of refinement to your system if you have the components capable of ultra resolution.

Remember, passive components must be auditioned in your system to qualify results with your associated equipment.