Jolida FOZ XT-R, demonstration and report, set turntable azimuth

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Jolida- FOZ


Jolida- FOZ
21310 Ridgecroft Drive
Brookeville, MD 20833

(301) 953-2014

The XT-R represents a distinctive electronic approach to solving crosstalk inherent in many turntable cartridges and acoustic problems due to axial tilt. We have placed the name Foz in honor of the XT-R’s designer, Jim Fosgate. Jim (Foz) Fosgate’s life long career in audio design represents decades of work on every possible circuit approach to car stereo, surround processors, tube amplifiers, preamplifiers, phono preamplifiers and other accessories.

This wide array of designs have all been explored in depth, built, and auditioned by Foz. In coupling Foz’s XT-R design with Jolida’s decades of manufacturing experience; the result is a unit which can provide our customers with a distinct improvement in turntable sound reproduction at an affordable price.