DSA Phono II Review, Pt 1, Intro and Set Up

DSA Phono II Review, Pt 2, Outstanding Listening Session

DSA Phono II Review, Pt 3, Reviewer Evaluations and Conclusion



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DSA Phono II

The DSA Phono II is a top class phono stage for LP record connoisseurs.

The Phono II produces a broad and detailed soundstage.  It takes the smooth sound of tubes and packages it in a low noise solid state design.

The hallmark of the unit is its flexibility, you can select multiple inputs and gain setting from the front panel and set the cartridge loading from within a handy flip down panel on front of the unit.

It is the reference phono stage of several industry experts including Harry Weisfeld of VPI. 

If you are looking for a non-fatiguing low noise design with the sound and ambiance of tubes this is a must unit to audition and purchase.

Highlights include:

• Select up to three different tonearm or cartridge inputs.

• Gain selection: 40-50-60-66 db.

• Simple switching from Moving Coil to Moving Magnet

• Over 60 combinations to optimize Moving Coil loading

• Over 30 combinations to optimize Moving Magnet loading

• Standby, Mute and Run functions.

• Stereo/Mono; Polarity inversion; and High Pass filter for
rumble rejection.

• Unique ability to accurately set cartridge azimuth alignment.