Classic Audio Loudspeakers, T 1.4 Review, part 1

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Classic Audio Loudspeakers

Contemporary Line
T 1.4 Reference
$36,500 a pair

The T 1.4 Reference loudspeaker is 48" tall, 30.5" wide and 28" deep.  The speaker, along with its shipping container, weighs an amazing 450 lbs each.

It features a 15" low bass woofer, a 15" mid bass woofer, 2" throat, 4" diameter Beryllium diaphragm midrange compression driver mounted to a  tractrix horn designed by Bruce Edgar of Edgar Horn.

The tweeter is a Beryllium super tweeter extending up to 45kHz.  The drivers are field coil designs and run on an external power supply with adjustable voltage.

The sound of the loudspeaker is breathtakingly natural and realistic.  There is an effortless ease to all music reproduced through the T 1.4 Reference.

It will you take to jazz clubs of yesteryear and symphony halls of Europe.

Reproduction of the human voice is a specialty of horn speaker designs and the T 1.4 Reference is perhaps the best in world at this.

You simply must hear this loudspeaker set up well to experience its magic.