2012 Show

The Capital Audiofest

Gary Gill
show organizer

The Fest was amazing!

  Walking the halls you could bump into Stereophiles’ Art Dudley or Michael Fremer, you could rub shoulders with The Absolute Sound’s Jacob Heilbrunn or hot new star Scot Hull, AKA the Part Time Audiophile.  And if that is not enough you could chat with Alan Silverman, the man who’s mastered many famous recordings.

The rooms featured cost-no-object systems and amazing one-of-a-kind hand built audio systems.  Each room was a sonic delight. 

The Fest had the latest in ultra source components, the UHA Phase 11 reel-to-reel tape deck, not in one room but in two!  The TIDAL Sunray loudspeakers were the giants of the show in both cost and size while the Gray Research vintage table in Robin Wyatt’s room was the lust over component for vinyl collectors and cool esthetic lovers.

The Gold Show Winner’s included for the first time Audio Note… the sound of Anne Bisson’s voice was so hauntingly realistic I thought I could smell her perfume. 

The smaller TIDAL and MBL loudspeakers were the talk of the show and the other Gold Show Sound Award winners with palpable sound so good you could taste it! 

The best new product was by far the BG Radia Subwoofer.  This ingenious design utilizes a series of 4" drivers aiming at each other in a flat enclosure.  The sound is fast and explosive.

If you missed this year, we’ll see you at the next Fest!



Video Series One- August 13
Video Series Two- August 30
Video Series Three- August 30
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