The Capital Audiofest 2012
The 2013 fest is in production...
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Video Series One- July 30
Video Series Two- August 11
Video Series Three- August 16
Video Series Four- August 18

It's the all new Capital Audiofest!

It's The Capital Audiofest         Featured Video USA Made


The Gold Show Awards and the Silver Sound Outstanding Sound Award
Certificates are Below!

The coveted Gold Show Awards!

The Silver Sound Awards- recognizing
outstanding sonic achievement!


2013 Show

The Capital Audio Fest is the hot new show on the audio circuit.  I heard many attendees
 say it had the vibe of the early RMAFs with an overall fun factor above other audio shows.  I wholeheartedly agree.

The fest is organized, run and promoted by Gary Gill, a DC area audio lover and entrepreneur.

The show featured cutting edge luxury components such as MBL and Audio Power Labs in conjunction with innovative new and creative products plus a small contingent of vintage audio. 

Indeed, something for everyone.

Topping off the fest is superb live music with Gary Gill himself jamming on trombone with a free form jazz group.  Not to mention the Robert Fripp "like" duo of Janel and Anthony (in the background image).  When you add it all together, this was the most fun audio show our team has ever attended.


The Gold Show sound award went to High Water Sound. The components in this room literally sang together and provided "you are there"  dimensionality.

  Audio Power Labs captured the best new product award with their "over the top" 50TNT amplifiers.  The high rez MA Recordings files in this room were transparent and extremely lifelike.

The United Home Audio room was a cornucopia of sonic and visual delights.  The MBLs were at

it again producing that concert hall sensation but the Vienna Acoustics were not far behind. 

Newcomer, Surreal Sound loudspeakers was leading a room full of lightning fast components that produced one of the most coherent sounds of the show.

In the Mojo/Volti room the beautiful Volti loudpeakers sounded as good as they looked.  Hat's off to the DejaVu amplifiers and Mojo cables and digital front end that made the Volti's sound breathtakingly believable.  

Finally, Anne Bisson singing in the Audio Note room made a believer out of this seasoned listener.  It was a total musical connection.

Peter Breuninger
  AVShowrooms team