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This was the smallest CES I’ve ever attended. 

The high performance audio sector of the CTA lost over 40 rooms from last year and many people have speculated that it’s a combination of high cost and the success of Munich plus a plethora of other shows worldwide.

I spoke with only one exhibitor who said they were planning on going next year; however, despite the small exhibitor count the sound was very good.  I was very impressed with the new Wilson Benesch look and sound.  Their speakers are simply stunning with the colored carbon fiber material.

Speaking of stunning, the Triangle Art Reference and their new electronics were jumping out of the racks demanding your attention.  They teamed with Eggleston Works at this show and the sound was refined with outstanding imaging.

I’ll let the videos tell most of story, but I’ll admit to being knocked-out by a pair of new amplifiers from Questyle.  They utilized the “ICEpower” switching modules and were driving a pair of beautiful Acoustic Zen Concertos.  Folk’s, these amplifiers sounded like class A amps!

The big rooms (size and cost) were outstanding and included the two Kharma/Lamm suites, the YG/Audionet suite, the two NAGRA suites and the Raidho suite. 

Hats off to each of these exhibitors for achieving outstanding sound.
  The one NAGRA suite featured the new Wilson Alexx and the sound was as lifelike as reality itself. 

Daryl Wilson designed the speaker and let me say… the world of high performance audio speaker designers has a new star!

Enjoy the videos!  I’ll see you at the next show!

Peter Breuninger