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CES 2015 was the best sounding CES we have ever attended.  Every exhibit room had very good to excellent sonics and we suspect it was due to the weather.  Temps were in the mid to high 60s (f) and the heating and air conditioning systems within the Venetian were quiet or barely running.

This years’ awards only hint at how good the sound was.

The YG Acoustics room and the Acoustic Zen room were simply spectacular.  If more people could experience sound quality and realism at this level the high performance audio industry would enjoy even more success than it currently does.

The Aaudio Imports rooms proved that you don’t need gigantic loudspeakers to get superior sound.  The smallish in size Lansche 3.1s were filling the room with outstanding sound and image density.  

The Verity room proved that yes, you can experience the sound of the real pipe organ in your home, the scale of the Bach Toccata in D Minor was like being in a European renaissance cathedral.  There is a listening snippet in the Reviewer’s View.

The best looking equipment in audio got a new entry from Dan D'Agostino.  The Mlife Integrated is the best looking streamer/amplifier, period.

The Gold Show Award winning room from Synergistic Research also showed that modest sized loudspeakers can ignite a room with sound.  The Magico S3s were simply singing like songbirds so says Terry Eringi.

Terry joins our on-air review team with this report, she has some of the best ears in the business, a true “golden ear” she is.  Please give her a warm welcome.

Happy New Year!

The AVShowrooms Team


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