2012 Show

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show is hosted by the CEA, the world's leading consumer electronics trade organization

The high performance audio exhibits were primarily in the Venetian Hotel.  If you missed last year's show here is a full report. CES 2012

This year's show featured outstanding sound.  The top rooms shared that elusive "it's almost real life" in sound quality. They include...

1) the MBL suite, for concert hall like sound.

 2) the Aaudio Imports suite featuring the Lanche 7.1s for realistic presentaion.

3) the YG Suite featuring the new Sonja loudspeaker for the you-are-there experience.
4) the Nola room featuring the Nola Concert Grand Reference for breathtaking scale and believability.    

The Venetian's rooms while spacious and beautiful are quite difficult to get good sound in.  Painstaking hours are required to optimize the rooms.  Example.. the Aaudio Imports suite was bright and two dimensional until Friday.  The team stayed up late Thursday night and made adjustments till the wee hours of the morning.  It paid off.  The Lanche's never sounded this full or believable, it was amazing how good they can really be.



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