The California Audio Show 2012


Video Series One- Aug 24
Video Series Two- Sept 15
Video Series Three- Sept 26

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The Gold Show Awards
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The Coveted Gold Show Awards!


2013 Show

The California Audio Show is one of the top regional shows.

California Show

Hosted by and promoted by Constantine Soo of Dagogo it attracts leading audio companies from around the globe.

This was a star studded show with audio luminaries ranging from Manley Labs' Luke Manley to Magico's Alon Wolf.

The larger rooms offered up very good sound though an annex wing did suffer some sonic bleed-through.  The sound was so good for show conditions that three Gold Show Awards for sound are being bestowed.

The Gold Show Award for best sound is thus shared by Music Lovers Audio for the Wilson XLF based super system.  This attack on the state of the art had the scale and impact of live music.  Also, sharing this outstanding award is Audio Image with a Magico S5 based system.  It was hyper-reality on a Louis Armstrong track that won the award.  Although smaller in size but not in sound the TAD CR-1 Compact Reference Monitor in the Zesto Audio room produced extraordinary life like images resulting in a three way tie for best sound.

 The best new product award went to Brodmann Acoustics for their JB155 loudspeaker. The JB155 offered perhaps the finest level of fit and finish this critic has ever seen.

The Gold Show Award for Best Designed Room was easily won by Bob Hodas Acoustical Analysis.  Bob took an ordinary hotel sleeping room and made the walls "disappear".  The sound in this room was as good as the sound in the best large rooms thanks to Bob's magic.

Peter Breuninger
and the AVShowrooms team.