The Bob Carver Showcase
Meet the audio legend, Bob Carver

Bob Carver- growing up, schooling and audio

The Phase Linear Company- how it started

Bob Carver on "soundstaging"

The legendary Silver Sevens

The Amazing Line Source Loudspeaker- the ALS!

The new tube amplifiers from Bob Carver

The team and a peek inside the Bob Carver factory


Bob Carver, LLC
Tube Amplifiers and

Cherry 180s


Bob Carver, LLC
157 Venture Court, Suite 12
Lexington, Kentucky 40511 USA

Phone: 859.258.9794
Fax: 859.258.2150

We are a vacuum tube amplifier company. We design, build and sell high quality, great sounding vacuum tube amplifiers.

We build these amplifiers in the USA with our bare hands, the old fashion way using the highest quality components available with point to point wiring, no circuit board traces, no surface mount components or interconnect connectors.

We believe our products will last a generation and be serviceable 50 years from now because we chose to build them this way, one chassis at a time.