By Zach Galarza
Introduction and Features

The System and 3 Live Listening Sessions

The Reviewer's Sonic Observations and Conclusion


AAudio Imports



Aaudio Imports

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Specifications and descriptions from BMC:

The DAC 1's asynchronous high-resolution USB input generates the music data stream just in front of the D/A conversion. The DAC 1's high-precision master clock is right next to the D/A-converter and creates the ideal foundation for a perfect time-corrected digital signal that produces a more natural sound than other DACs.

On the analog side, the signal-current from the D/A converter is transmitted to the output voltage inside a distortion-free Current Injection input and Load-Effect Free circuit with an extremely short signal path. The result: no "digital" sound.

The DAC 1 becomes the center of a high-end audio system through its preamplifier function. This can be accomplished with a classical preamplifier section for variation of the output signal or, in a B.M.C. component chain, by leading the audio signal straight to the B.M.C. power amplifier. The volume level is set at the DAC 1, and transmitted through an optical connector to the power amplifier, where the gain is adjusted. Result: Perfect lossless volume control.