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AXPONA 2016 Award Details

No doubt there was a buzz at this year’s AXPONA – folks buzzing about the possibility of AXPONA replacing CES, Las Vegas.

With the new Manufacturer’s Showcase, this year, the show is headed in the right direction. 

AXPONA is an event for consumers and for dealers and distributors from around the world searching for the latest and most innovative audio products.

Located at the Westin O’Hare, it is an easy destination for most everyone whether flying or driving.  Plus, we have professional show organizers, Joel Davis, Steve Davis, Mark Freed and Liz Miller in attendance and always accessible throughout the show doing a superb job. 

AXPONA is electrically charged!  Growing and improving every year.  Surely, one of the greatest audio shows in the world.

AXPONA 2016 has raised the bar, significantly, as to what attendees should demand for the cost of a ticket (or VIP pass).  The best audio products, sound, problem-solving solutions such as acoustical/room treatments and power conditioning. 

Evening entertainment, a book signing with Prudence Farrow Bruns of “Dear Prudence” fame and an AVShowrooms' exclusive interview with Ms Bruns.  

Hear what she has to say about her trip to India in 1968 with The Beatles and how her love of music is associated with her life’s spiritual journey.

Of course, there’s the virtuoso live performance of cellist Vincent Belanger playing along with his own recorded music reproduced in the Audio Note room.  Very emotional, very beautiful.

This was indeed the best AXPONA ever!



Axpona 2016 Reviewers' View, Peter Breuninger and David Robinson

AXPONA Manufacturer's Showcase

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