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This year’s show was the largest high performance audio event since Chicago CES.  There were over 100 exhibits with a twenty percent increase in attendees.



JD Events teamed with Left Field Media to produce this outstanding show

The sound ranged from good to excellent.  The Gold Show Award winners demonstrated that you can indeed get good sound in a hotel room. 

Leading the way was GGT Audio & Video showing the outstanding YG Acoustics Carmel 2 mated to Audionet electronics sourced by the Ltd. Edition Kronos turntable.  You will hear the track by Vanessa Fernandez and you will hear more realistic detail than you have ever heard from this outstanding LP.

The big surprise of the show was Emerald Physics showing a $15,000 system that sounded like a million dollar system, proving you don’t have to break the bank to get reference sound.

On the lower level, Acoustic Zen and Triode Corp overcame the HVAC system hum to produce the most palpable midrange of the show.  This is a desert island system and one that you should explore.

Legacy Audio’s ‘V’ speaker was another surprise.  This attack on the state of the art sounded very refined and realistic on our test tracks, you’ll hear it as well even on Youtube.

Polymer was teamed with Trax and EnKlein, their new loudspeaker was producing the most fatigue free sound of the show, if you value smooth realism this the bomb!

Winning a second Gold Show Award was Audio Note UK.  The music flowed in an incisive way that was truly captivating.

The runners up included Care Audio with Mosaic Acoustics loudspeakers showing with Scaena and Allnic electronics.  The detail was breathtaking!  Sadurni Acoustics came very close as well.  They were teamed with Merrill Audio and Blue Smoke.  I’ve never heard such midrange to treble realism. 

Congrats and props to the winners!



Axpona 2015 Reviewers' View, Myles Astor, Peter Breuninger and David Robinson

Axpona 2015 welcome to the show

The Gold Show Awards

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The Coveted Gold Show Awards!