Axpona 2012


The show was intimate and friendly.  In fact, it was one of the most enjoyable shows I've ever attended.  The large rooms were huge and the sound was overall excellent.  The hospitality parties were great and brought everyone together.
What really set the show apart was the partnering with the Jacksonville Symphony and the tours of the concert hall.  Going backstage and standing in the pipe organ "blower room" was memorable.

The art exhibit was key as well, adding a flair of culture to the event... Not to mention the TM seminar with Prudence Farrow Bruns, the actual "Dear Prudence" of the Beatlles' song namesake and Mia Farrow's sister.  I'll never forget shaking hands with Dear Prudence.
What a great show!  We have full video coverage of the event, including the hall tour, the art exhibit, "Dear Prudence" talking about TM and the Beatles, and the fabulous exhibit rooms.

Axpona 2012
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