Acoustic Signature Barzetti
    & Funk FX-R Tonearm  


By Kevin Olson

Turntable Set Up

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Reviewer Conclusions and Sonic Evaluations


Barzetti Turntable

Funk FX-R

Acoustic Signature's US sales contact and The Funk Firm's US Importer and distributor is:

Pro Audio Ltd.
Brian Tucker
111 N South Barrington Dr.
Tower Lakes
IL 60010
Tel: 847 526-1660

Acoustic Signature is imported and distributed to North American by:

Goerner Communication
91, 18th Avenue
Deux-Montagnes, Qc J7R 4A6

The Barzetti is the starting model in the range from Acoustic Signature.  It is a handsome well made turntable that offers a well rounded package of sonic attributes.

The combo's strength is its very good soundstaging abilities, edging out and surpassing the Goldmund Studio, last priced at over $12,000. 

Reviewer Olson says the gem in this package is the Funk FX-R offering super arm performance at a reasonable price.

Olson nails the sonics in the conclusion and highly recommends the table and arm at this price point.

A winning combination from Pro Audio and Goerner Communication.