Feature Review
     AVM Evolution PA5.2 Preamplifer
     AVM Ovation PA-8 Preamplifer
     AVM Ovation MA-8 Mono Amplifers
By Peter Breuninger
AVM PA5.2 Evolution Preamplifer Review

AVM PA8 Preamplifer, MA8 Amplifier Set up and System

Listening Test- PA8 Tubes vs. Solid State with MA8s

AVM PA8 Preamplifier, MA8 Amplifiers-Reviewer Conclusions



AVM Audio
Evolution PA5.2

Ovation PA8

Ovation MA8
$24,000 pair

Audio Video Manufaktur
Daimlerstra├če 8
76316 Malsch
Germany 651 426-1645 

+49 (0) 7246 4285

8390 E Via De Ventura - F110-194
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258


AVM Audio is a German high performance audio company.  AVM manufactures amplifiers, preamplifers, and digital audio components.  The company is headed by Udo Besser who learned the art of audio manufacturing at Burmester  Audio Systems.

The three products reviewed represent a strategic sample of the AVM line.  The Ovation products are the company's flagships' and the Evolution product represents the company's mid priced line.

The MA8 monoblock amplifiers set a stunning example in the "new" AVM design portfolio.  Their whopping 1200 watts per channel offer surprising delicacy and their low frequency performance is unparalleled.  The PA 5.2 preamplifer is the bargain mid line performer while the flagship PA8 sets high marks for a unique tube or solid state design.  You choose the output stage!

The AVM line offers real value in the world of high performance audio and the MA8s can compete with any amplifier at any price.