Alan Silverman
   Peggy Lee 


Alan Silverman, ARF Mastering, part 1 high resolution digital

Alan Silverman, ARF Mastering, part 2, mastering Peggy Lee, finding phase error

Alan Silverman, ARF Mastering, part 3, Peggy Lee final mix, plus great Q&A session


 ARF Mastering
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Suite 804
New York, NY 10019
P: 212.757.2505

Alan Silverman is the founder of Arf! Mastering.  He has earned two Grammy nominations for Album Of The Year. His track record covers Rock, Jazz, R&B, Folk, Film, and World music with credits on over 45 Grammy winning and nominated albums and numerous Emmy winning music television specials. Alan has mastered records charting on top-ten lists across the world

There are only a few mastering facilities in the world with the experience and technical chops suited for remastering some of the most important records in rock 'n roll history. Arf! Mastering was chosen from this select group by E1 for their Kinks' SACD reissue series. E1's decision to use Arf! paid off with high praise from reviewers and customers alike.