2014 Gold Awards

Paradigm changing products of the year
Audiophile of the year!


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This year’s awards are devoted to “game changing” products.  That is, products that establish new benchmarks within their category.  We have electronic components and loudspeakers represented this year.

Our first ever Audiophile of the Year Award is also being bestowed.  Congratulations to Scott M. Rifkin your enthusiasm is contagious!

Each award winning product had a profound impact on the sound of our or a reviewer's reference system, elevating the listening experience ever closer to reality.

The primary reference system had many outstanding products in for testing this year and mention must be made of the Kronos Sparta and Ltd. Edition turntables, The Triangle Art Zeus phono cartridge, The Audio Note M10 Signature linestage and EnKlein cables. 

Each of these products are revolutionary and pushed the envelope of the system’s capabilities.

Congratulations to all of the companies that submitted products for review this year.  The sound of high performance audio has never been better.

Audionet Max

Audionet Pre-G2

Perfect8 The Cube
(single woofer)

Wells Audio Innamorata