2015 Annual Gold Awards

Audiophile of the year!


2015 Gold AwardsParadigm changing products of the year&Audiophile of the year!________2014 Awards2013 Awards2012 Awards________Products of the Year 2015 by Terrry E. This is easy.  No doubt, some of the most impressive audio products ever enjoyed and evaluated by AVShowrooms. Audio Note UK E/SEC Signatures Loudspeaker: The E/SEC turned our listening room into a loudspeaker.  Imaging  and soundstage were never this good.  A revelation.MSRP: $73,000   Audio Note UK The Fifth Element DAC, The Fifth Force Power Supply with the CDT5 Transport and the CDT6 Transport:Easily the best digital source in our system, to date.  Redbook CD’s taken to an entirely new level.  Another revelation from the iconic Audio Note UK.MSRP: The Fifth Element DAC with The Fifth Force Power Supply, $153,000  MSRP: CDT6 Transport with PS, $153,000   Kronos Limited Edition Pro TT with the Kronos Black Beauty tone arm:I’d like to think that my listening skills have improved and evolved over the many years in tandem with the evolution and improvements in the world of turntables and their creative designers and engineers.  The bar keeps getting raised and Louis Dejardins is the man doing just that thing along with meeting each and every challenge along the way .  My life with vinyl is at its pinnacle, I am a very lucky woman.  MSRP: $38,000 US  United Home Audio Phase 12 Tape Deck without Power Supply:For the connoisseur of fine listening, the Phase 12 is a most cherished source.  A great deal of “pride of ownership” as a result of the attention to detail and the virtuoso skills of its designer Greg Beron, accompanies the reproduction of music in your room without rival.  “Invest in the Best”  sounds like the right thing to say about the Phase 12.MSRP: $19,000 US (without power supply). Audiophile of the Year, 2015:  Coury James Hodges.Coury brings together audiophiles on his FB page, The Audiophile Group, from around the world.  He maintains his very active page in a  friendly and flame-free environment, but not at the expense of sacrificing the passion expressed and the continual quest for increased knowledge in the hobby, by the members and himself.MSRP: PricelessTerry Eringi-BreuningerExecutive ProducerDirector of Saleswww.avshowrooms.com610-644-7442

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