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Axpona is one of the world's greatest audio shows.  Please join us at this fantastic event!  This year's show features the US unveiling of the Cabasse La Sphere and the new Martin Logan Neolith, plus the first consumer show exhibit of the YG Carmel 2!

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From Earl Z ...
"listening to and watching your videos... It sounds like a new pair of Stax 009's, a brand new tube amp and the Symth realizer will do me just fine. You are getting me hooked on video coverage. Great job!"

From fpielmeyer ...

"You have the most enjoyable Audio site I've ever visited! I absolutely loved the Audio Note Factory tour. Keep it going!" 

AVShowrooms features HD video reviews of cutting edge equipment from leading audio manufacturers throughout the world.

Video coverage ushers in a new paradigm for high performance audio reviews. For the first time, visitors will be able to share the actual experience of setting up, adjusting, listening to and critiquing high performance audio and video equipment.

Company founder, acclaimed reviewer and audio expert, Peter Breuninger says "The audio industry is a fragmented industry of exceptional products and entrepreneurs.

We are leading the industry to video showcase the world's greatest audio and video products for viewers, enthusiasts and buyers of high performance music, audio and video equipment."

We harness the power of Youtube search and referrals across multiple Youtube channels.

AVShowrooms is the largest video content provider in the high performance audio industry. 


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