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Harry Pearson passes at age 77

(Photo courtesy of Joey Weiss)

I had a music teacher in college name Gene Wolf. We shared a love of audio and music and discussed systems and components like old friends. One day he handed me a copy of The Absolute Sound...

There were pictures of giant tube amps and exotic
loudspeakers and page after page of thoughtful writing and analysis.  It was 1983.   I was a subscriber to Audio Magazine and bored with reading equipment reviews about total harmonic distortion, finding only a sentence or two that discussed sound and not measurements.  TAS was a revelation!

The journal size publication, published in Sea Cliff, NY, was headed by a Mr. Harry Pearson and his alternative self, HP.   I would devour each issue and dream about the super systems HP and his staff would write about.  Terms such as soundstage, transparency, and micro dynamics described the sound of the components.  You could visualize the sound in your mind with these new terms of description.

  The reports and reviews became gospel and HP and his band of merry men were more than just writers but guides who became private friends.

  I wanted to be with these men as they listened and discussed systems.  None of my friends were into audio... so I started the Philadelphia Audio Society in the hopes of meeting like-minded folks and in 1988 began publishing a little newsletter for the membership.  Somehow a copy found its way to Sea Cliff. 

  One day... a white postcard appeared in the mail with the following hand written note:  Dear Peter, I've been reading your Philadelphia Audio Society newsletters and I wish to tell you it's the best audio journalism since the early days of the BAS (Boston Audio Society).  I would love you to write for us.  Sincerely, HP

It was as if God himself had spoken.

The society grew and prospered and many brands became famous from it and soon appeared in the pages of TAS penned by this music loving audiophile… Cary Audio, Wavelength Audio, Audionote, Classic Audio Loudspeakers, Balanced Audio Technology, Walker Audio, Timber Technology and many more.

  It is with a tear in my eye and a smile on my face that I raise my glass to you.

God just gained his greatest listening companion!


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